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Le Dupleix

French Villa

A fusion of marigold and chocolate hues that evoke rarity. Drawing inspiration from the French-style homes of Pondicherry’s Anglo-Indian community, known for their vibrant yellows and rich chocolate browns, this theme bridges cultures seamlessly.

Embracing Indian tradition, contemporary, Indo-Western, and Western aesthetics, “French Villa: Le Duplex” stands as an adaptable canvas for a multitude of looks. 
Versatility is its essence, catering to a diverse range of shoots. Adorned with exquisite chandeliers and a grand crystal glass door, the theme reaches its pinnacle during sunset.

As the sun’s rays kiss the glass, the crystals cast a mesmerising rainbow of colours—an enchanting spectacle that takes your breath away.

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The Vibe • Le Dupleix: Refined, Classic, Luxurious

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